Disc golf clinics at Guildford Young College

Year 11 students at Guildford Young College in Glenorchy have been receiving disc golf clinics with Discology’s Richard Sampson. Around 35 students received the coaching, along with PE teacher Ramon Jacobs and a teacher in training.

The first 90 minute skills session took place on the College oval and then students had a second 90 minute session at Poimena Disc Golf Course.

Richard’s comments “Taking disc golf into schools is such a great way to develop new players and generate awareness. Hats off to Guildford Young College for bringing alternative sport into their PE curriculum. 2 x 90 min sessions meant the students received a good dose of disc golf, learning some essential skills, the rules of the game and playing the game on a real course. Hopefully some of theses students will continue to play.”

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