Rich Sampson introduces Hobart’s Mackillop College to disc golf

Mackillop Catholic College invited Discology’s Richard Sampson to run two disc golf sessions with its Year 11/12 students. This is the first time the college has introduced disc golf to its physical education curriculum.

The first session took place on the college oval, with 25 students. 90 minutes later the students left with some understanding of the history of the frisbee and disc golf, the basic rules and ethics of the game, equipment, throwing techniques, putting, driving and scoring. All topped off with a round on a short 4 hole course round the oval.

Richard said, “I love these opportunities to introduce disc golf to students and the teachers. 99% of the students are engaged and have a good time and I get such good feedback from the teachers. I’ve heard one set of teachers in Hobart describe disc golf as ‘the great leveller’, testament to its  accessibility and and inclusivity. Two highlights for me, one of the cheekier students hit chains from 50m and dropped to his knees with a gasp, the other was the participation of a student with a mental disability.”

For the follow up session, the same students will be visit Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course in Austins Ferry and put their newly acquired skills into practice on a proper course.

Poimena Reserve is a public disc golf course operated by Glenorchy City Council. It is open every day of the year and it’s free to use the course. All you need is a golf disc or quality frisbee to play, and these are available from Discology. They can also be purchased from the Austins Ferry Store, 400m from the entrance to the Reserve.

If you are involved in a school or college and are interested to introduce your students and teachers to disc golf, please contact Discology owner Richard Sampson.